About AHG


Artisans Heritage Guild is a group of artisans bound by the common belief that mastery of one’s art, carries with it the responsibility to share with others the skills, knowledge, and perspective that only years of practice can give.

We carry on a long tradition of teaching in order to recognize those who taught us.  We teach to pay respect to those artisans who came before, and to recognize their contributions to the act of inspired creation.



Artisans Heritage Foundation is formed to create an Institution that will:

  • Serve as a high-quality, artistically-focused, educational/developmental resource for all members of the community without regard to individual differences, identities, affiliations or limitations.

  • Promote and develop  the work of local artisans through organized events, media initiatives, and by equipment, materials, space and expertise easily accessible.

  • Foster artistic inspiration  by promoting interaction among the various art forms and among individual artists.

  • Promote the significant social, psychological, and emotional benefits which result from the active pursuit of learning and expression through the arts and crafts.