Blacksmithing Beginners Workshop

Blacksmithing Workshop for Beginners

Summer, 2017, Hammered Heart Studio

About the Instructor

The workshops are conducted by Michael Sebacher.  He’s been a working artisan-blacksmith for over 15 years.  His work has been featured on HGTV’s Modern Masters program and he’s been the subject of articles in Savannah magazine and Newnan-Coweta magazine.  Michael is also the founder and director of the Artisans Heritage Guild, a Coweta county based non-profit organization dedicated to teaching traditional arts.


Topics Covered

  • Heritage of blacksmithing
  • Applications of the art
  • Safety practices
  • Blacksmithing tools and equipment
  • Identifying types of steel alloys
  • The nature of hot steel
  • Coal and propane forge management
  • Bending
  • Hammering and forming with pressure.
  • Basic skills…drawing, bending, upsetting, riveting and punching
  • Basic MIG welding
  • Ox-Acetylene torch setup and use
  • Heat treating
  • Projects

Workshop Format

Workshops are conducted in two 5-hour sessions on consecutive days. Workshops are limited to two participants.  Appropriate safety practices are emphasized and enforced at all times.  Participants will be asked to sign a waiver of liability.

This is a ‘hands on’ learning experience taught using demonstration, video, practice, and discussion.  Blacksmithing is, by nature, somewhat physically demanding and participants should be in good physical condition.  Photos may be taken with permission but mustn’t interfere with instruction.

Participants will be able to complete 1 or 2 projects during the workshop. A large portion of time will be spent  with tools in hand.  Participants receive a sourcebook that outlines the topics covered and includes references and sources for more information.  Note-taking is encouraged and recommended.


Workshop cost is $200 per student.  Payment goes to the Artisans Heritage Guild. A $50 deposit reserves your class date.  Balance is due the day of your workshop.



  • Participants must be in sound physical health.
  • Participants must be over 16 years of age.
  • Appropriate eye protection must be worn.  Please bring your own safety glasses, face-shields are provided as necessary
  • Clothing should be either cotton or wool, no polyester or plastic-based fabric. Clothing should be layered as appropriate for the weather.  Long sleeves are highly recommended regardless of the temperature.
  • Sturdy shoes or boots…steel toes optional.
  • Water is provided.  Bring something else if you’d like.  The point is to keep yourself hydrated.



The workshop is conducted in Michael’s studio located at 272 Lowell Drive, Sharpsburg GA.



  • ‘Observers’, we have no room for non-participants.
  • Alcohol or anything else that impairs judgment.
  • Ringing cell phones, it’s inconsiderate to others paying for this time.
  • Disregarding safety practices.


This is an exciting opportunity to experience a unique and historically significant profession…come curious and prepared to focus.  The books below are a great way to get familiar with the spirit of blacksmithing…listed in order of Michael’s personal preference.


  • The Backyard Blacksmith ~ Lorelei Sims
  • New Edge of the Anvil – by Jack Andrews
  • The Art of Blacksmithing – by Alex Bealer
  • A Blacksmithing Primer – by Randy McDaniel


Some excellent online resources are:

Course description PDF download link:Blacksmithing Workshop Description